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EntryCheck® E75 Standalone Electronic Keypad Installation

Posted by Security Door Controls on April 9, 2021 at 11:30 AM
Security Door Controls

SDC E75 EntryCheck® lockset is keypad programmable, and combines multiple access technology with efficient motorized locksets, providing controlled access for basic and multi-level high security requirements.

Installation is perfect for retrofit applications, utilizing standard lockset prep.


The Specialized E75 Privacy Option for this indoor/outdoor standalone electronic battery powered lockset and keypad solution provides controlled access for basic and multi-level convenience and installs just like the standard E75.

The privacy function locks the keypad by engaging the Privacy Button on the inside, and the red LED on the outside flashes to indicate room occupation. Turning the inside lever upon exiting deactivates the Privacy function. In case of emergency, the Privacy function can be over-ridden via Key or Master Code. Prox Reader version also available.

The E75 Privacy is the perfect, low-cost standalone solution for new or retrofitting of Service Station, Convenience Store, Fast Food or Coffee House restroom facilities - no wires to pull or power supplies to add. It’s also a cost-effective addition to educational or corporate campuses to provide a privacy function to board rooms, counseling rooms and meeting spaces.

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