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Motorized ELR for Access Control

Posted by Kerby Lecka on February 2, 2024 at 10:00 AM
Kerby Lecka

BlAST_ELRExitDevices_HERO_010324Motorized electric latch retraction (ELR) systems are becoming increasingly popular in access control applications. These systems provide a convenient and secure solution for controlling entry and exit points in various commercial and institutional settings. With a motorized ELR, the latch can be retracted remotely, allowing for easy passage through a door without the need for physical contact. This not only enhances convenience for users but also minimizes the risk of unauthorized access or tailgating. Motorized ELRs are often integrated with other access control technologies such as card readers or biometric systems, providing a comprehensive and efficient security solution. Additionally, these systems can be easily installed and configured, making them suitable for both new installations and retrofit projects. With their reliable performance, smooth operation, and advanced features, motorized ELRs are revolutionizing access control and setting new standards for convenience and security.

Solenoid ELR vs. Motorized ELR

Electric solenoids have been used for decades in electronic locking devices like electric bolt locks to electrically operate the deadbolt for either failsafe or failsecure operation and in exit devices to electrically retract the latchbolt. During periods of extended use, solenoids can become quite heated and noticeably sluggish. With advancements in electric motor technology, the use of a motorized electric latch retraction device provides several advantages over solenoids including lower current draw, quieter operation and greater durability over time.

SDC'S Motorized ELR Exit Devices

SDC’s Spectra™ S6000 series electrified architectural rim surface vertical rod, and mortise exit devices offer several electrified options, including motorized ELR, to complement virtually any access control application and aesthetic requirement.

SDC's S5000 series electrified storefront exit devices are heavy duty, code compliant alternatives to magnetic locks that come standard with motorized ELR to meet the need for storefront applications requiring electric latch retraction for access control compatibility.

Not only does SDC’s S4000 series of electrified industrial exit devices satisfy market demand for a cost-effective exit device with ELR, the S4000 also comes standard with request-to-exit (REX) monitoring, enabling access control compatibility.




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