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Celebrating a Special Founder's Day Centenary - Saturday, June 10th

Posted by Kerby Lecka on June 9, 2023 at 10:00 AM
Kerby Lecka

art-hpbanner2023 copyCentenary – noun: the hundredth anniversary of a significant event. Our founder – Art Geringer - was born 100 years ago making June 10th not only a significant event in our company history but also in the modern era of the access control and door hardware industry. As a significant contributor to the great migration to locking systems, Art’s innovations helped revolutionize the use of electrified hardware for fire life safety and code compliance throughout the world. We’re proud to celebrate this special anniversary and to continue his legacy of commitment to innovation, skill and quality today.

Some Notable Facts About 1923

  • Calvin Coolidge is President
  • US population is 111,947,000 (vs. 334,243,000 today)
  • Yankee Stadium opened in the Bronx, Babe Ruth is the most famous person in America
  • US GDP is $802.6 Billion equal to $14.166 Trillion in today’s dollars (2023 GDP is estimated to be $23.618 Trillion)
  • $1 in 1923 is worth $17.65 today
  • Coca-Cola invents the six-pack
  • The stock market began a six-year Bull Run ending with the Crash of October, 1929
  • US Life Expectancy: Males – 56.1 years, Females 58.5 years (vs. Males – 76.1, Females 81.1 today)
  • Roy and Walt Disney found The Walt Disney Company
  • The Hollywood(land) sign was constructed
  • 1923’s big movie: The Ten Commandments
  • Dr. Frederick Banting discovers insulin


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