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SDC Hybrid Power Supplies Meet the Unique Needs of Access Control Locking Devices

Posted by Kerby Lecka on November 9, 2023 at 10:00 AM
Kerby Lecka


1 – 6 Amp Access Control Power Supplies

In 1994 SDC introduced the 602 power controller – the first hybrid supply to combine the efficiency (low heat generation) of switching power supplies and the rugged inductive load handling capability of linear power supplies to meet the unique needs of access control locking devices. 

Unlike camera system power requirements, access control systems draw more current for locking hardware and during access control-related events. As the industry transitions from solenoid-based electric locking devices to motorized devices, demand for specific power supply requirements has also increased. 

SDC’s 12/24VDC class 2 hybrid power supplies have been designed specifically to meet these needs and reduce power system issues with extra filtering, heavy-duty circuitry for inductive loads and multi-door applications, and an isolated battery charging circuit to protect locking devices and components from over voltage while the batteries are charging. With the addition of SDC programmable controllers or relay modules, the user-friendly modular designs ensure versatility, interface capability and easy installation of virtually any electric locking devices, access controls and related fire life safety equipment.

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